Hair Solution Kit (oil+shampoo)

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A perfect duo of 120 ml Fusion-50 Oil and 250 ml Vital Blend Shampoo.

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120 ml Fusion 50 oil and 200 ml Vital Blend Shampoo

Indulge in the magic of our Organic Oil and Shampoo, featuring 50 natural ingredients for radiant hair. Say goodbye to hair problems and hello to bouncy, shiny locks all day long. Enriched with essential oils like Sesame, Neem, Coconut, and more, this formula, fortified with vitamins C and E, offers a comprehensive hair wellness approach.


  • Shake It Up: Mix both bottles for an even blend.
  • Oil Application: Massage into hair for an hour.
  • Shampoo Magic: Lather, let natural ingredients work.
  • Rinse and Rejoice: Feel the refreshing cleanse.
  • Complete the Ritual: Use oil daily and shampoo every other day.


2 reviews for Hair Solution Kit (oil+shampoo)

  1. Raja Hamza

    My hair is thicker and shinier after regular use. Already recommended to friends. Thanks to your team for the awesome support!

  2. Ajia Asif

    I’ve been using this kit and the results are amazing. Legit the products are so balanced that they’re not even harsh on scalps. My hair gets so shiny and soft and it stopped my extreme hair fall too. Honestly, my hair are not greasy even after 4 days of no wash.

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